white-glove recruiting service

Our white-glove recruiting service prides itself on cultivating lasting partnerships with clients and hiring managers, enabling us to attain a thorough comprehension of the roles, responsibilities, corporate culture, and career paths associated with each opportunity. This approach allows us to act as proxies for our clients while sourcing and evaluating potential candidates.

Recruiting Solutions

We provide candid and comprehensive presentations of candidate qualifications, highlighting not only their strengths but also any skill deficiencies or potential red flags. This level of transparency fosters trust and long-term partnerships, enabling clients to make well-informed business decisions.

engineering and manufacturing talent

As experts in the field of identifying, vetting and partnering with engineering and manufacturing talent, we deliver market data to assist our clients in making astute hiring decisions and making real-time adjustments to their hiring strategies.

advanced recruiting technology

We employ advanced recruiting technology to access both active and passive candidates, as well as actively network and leverage our connections within specialized niches to provide optimal talent solutions to meet our clients' needs.


What sets us apart from other recruiting firms is our commitment to consulting and finding a long-term fit for both the candidate and the client, rather than simply filling positions. This is in line with the psychological concept of person-environment fit, which posits that individuals perform better and are more satisfied in situations that match their skills, values and interests. By taking this approach, we aim to not only place the right candidate in the right role but also to ensure that they are able to perform at their best and achieve their career goals.


Serving Across Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, South East USA, And Surrounding Areas.

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